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The video surveillance function built-in the intraHouse software package cannot replace a professional CCTV system and it does not record or archive video records on ihServer.

When connecting cameras, please indicate URL query for video image from a certain camera. A request could look like You can get the query string format on the website of the video camera manufacturer’s website or related technical documentation.


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Fig.1. Camera connection to intraHouse system


Note: number of cameras within intraHouse system is unlimited


intraHouse system can provide 2 formats of video broadcasting:
1.     Stream — more realistic video data will be shown. However not every video camera supports this format. 
2.     Snapshot — images will be shown at certain intervals.
In most cases, Snapshot format is more reliable as it provides uninterrupted operation, with images changing every N ms.

Video broadcasting formats
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Fig.2. Setting a video broadcasting format


We recommend making appropriate settings for each particular device (PC, smart phone, etc). For Apple devices it’s better to set a snapshot format.

To open a window with settings for each type of device you’ll use to view images from the camera, and for each individual camera, please use “Edit” button.
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Fig.3. Detailed setting of each camera


intraHouse system interface is designed to view video individually from each camera or from a camera set (up to 4 cameras). To make a set of cameras, indicate the same group number in “Group” field. To view a camera set, please tick “Show several cameras on one screen” in the Primary Interface settings. The number of camera sets is unlimited.

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