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intraHouse interface look and feel is customizable to a great extent to optimally personalize the user interface. In the program settings you can change both the theme and graphic image of the interface look. There are several ways to personalize the look of the user interface: 

  • Select the theme, adjust the background, font, windows, and keys.

  • Create plans for rooms, house, outside area by making them as real as possible. The process of plan creation is described in the sections “Levels” and “Tips for plan creation”.

  • Customization of menu structure and positioning of control keys: see description in the section “Customization of user interface”.

  • Display of personalized widgets on start page of the user interface (e.g., clock, calendar, weather forecast, social networks and any other widgets available on the Internet). This function is described in the section “Info” .



To customize the interface theme, please go to HouseManager, Themes tab. The selected Theme will be applied to the look of Primary Interface only, because HouseManager will always have Factory theme. A theme can be further personalized by changing the background, font, windows and keys. The main task in personalization is to ensure the most comfortable visual sensing of the program by the user.


Each theme features certain adjustable parameters, such as background, font, color scheme for windows and keys. Please go to HouseManager – Themes tab, to see an example of a plan with lights. Any parameter change will be displayed in real time and saved for the Primary User Interface.
1. Background
You can use any background color from the palette as a fill color or upload any bitmap image ready to use:


2. Devices
Select the color for device icon background and adjust transparency level



  1. changes in settings are shown on layout in real time
  2. adjustment of icon background color
  3. adjustment of icon background transparency


3. Text
If you wish, you can change the text color for all inscriptions, together with the icon frame color. As you’re selecting the color, the text will simultaneously change its color.



4. Windows
Here you can adjust the dialog window background color. It is easy to select the color, its intensity and transparency degree so that you could see the window content and house plan simultaneously.



5. Plan
With this function, you can adjust the transparency of graphical layouts. You can have a semitransparent layout against the visible background:



As you have achieved the result you have targeted, please save it by a click on the key in the bottom of the screen:



We recommend giving an original name to your theme version when saving it. If necessary, you can remove any theme without damaging the system:  please use the functional key in the left bottom corner ("trash can" icon). “Factory” is the only theme that cannot be deleted.

To apply the saved theme, go to Primary Interface, select Settings, press Themes, find your theme and tick it: