25 ноября 2014

The amplifying recognition from Gitex

The amplifying recognition from gitex


After the thriving success at Gitex, intraHouse has received a huge response of applause and awareness from worldwide integrators. Many companies and consumers are eager to employ intraHouse home automation systems as their future smart home technology. intraHouse brings together best and brightest in smart home technology which is the bottom line for appeal for many good and well reputed integrators esp. in Middle East. intrahouse smart home systems are designed to help enrich ever-connected life styles.

      The amplifying recognition from Gitex and the high magnitude of response has pushed intraHouse as a whole into the spotlight. Now, intraHouse is not only receiving special attention but it has made a mark among many prestigious smart home vendors. The overwhelming success and response from Gitex will be soon seen in the advancement of intraHouse in near future.

      Based in Dubai, UAE intraHouse has been helping a wide range of international and as well local clients to navigate the emerging world of the today’s generation.  In the ever-evolving world of hi-tech every individual is turning to “smart” technologies. People are willing to spend for a technology that simplifies their lives. From carrying a smart phone to a tablet in your pocket to control a home’s heating system and air conditioning while you are out partying at Caribbean beaches, smart technology is a dream comes true. 

      intraHouse offers homeowner’s remote-controlled lighting, automatic handling on window shades, swimming pools, door locks, thermostats and IP cameras – not to mention fire, water leakage and gas detectors etc.


      About intraHouse

      intraHouse (The smart house and building management system) is highly scalable and designed in such a way that it can simultaneously work with various connectable devices having different protocols. Not at all any additional or special software installation is required. Users can enjoy cross platform controls from any computer, laptop, smart phone, tablet etc. based on any operation system (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, iOS, Android).


November 25, 2014 by intraHouse