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Arloid Automation system features SMS/email messaging tool to inform the user of some event (e.g. actuation of a leak detector) and a command reception mechanism, which receives SMS with user commands to run certain scenarios. Important: To have SMS-related features active you should have a GSM modem installed and set up.

Smart Home System control via SMS is needed in cases where the user doesn't have Internet access for some reason but he/she wants to have some device or subsystem (heating, alarm, etc.) on/off or run a scenario. 
The flow chart below shows the way of informing the user and controlling devices via SMS:
remote control smart home

Fig.1. Principle of SMS commands operation


SMS and Email messaging setup includes two stages:

1. Create lists of users' mobile phone numbers and email addresses;
2. Create commands which will trigger required actions and user notification 
To create a list of phone numbers, go to HouseManager/System/SMS. Use the functional keys in the bottom part of the screen to add new SMS senders/recipients. Important: by adding a contact person to the list you do not authorize them to enter Arloid Automation system, you only grant them the right to exchange messages with the system and enable the system to execute commands received from those people. To add a new contact person, enter their Name and phone number in the international format: +12345678901 (Do not use brackets, intervals, "-" or other symbols other than digits and "+") and select a relevant group: 
home control

Fig.2. A sample list of contact people authorized for SMS control


In this system, messages will be sent to groups only. By default, a new contact person is not assigned to a group, therefore you should fill in the relevant box in the dialog window. 

The number of contact people in the list is unlimited. You can enable or disable a contact person communication with the system by ticking the “Permitted” box or removing a tick. It means, you don’t need to remove a contact person from the list if you would like to temporarily restrict their rights; you should just remove the tick and save the changes.
If the required fields are not filled, the dialog box will tremble for a moment; changes will not be saved and the dialog box will not close until all data are filled in or edit mode is cancelled. 
With a click on “Test SMS” button, a test message will be sent to check the function operation and appropriateness of data filled in.
Note: The system has a default group “Owner” which cannot be deleted. The system will execute SMS commands from the “Owner” only. SMS notifications and emails from the system can be sent to phone number and emails of any group.

If you would like to have more than one phone number for the same person, we recommend making several entries with different phone numbers and different system-defined ID (the system will automatically assign it as you add another entry to the list). 

In the same dialog box you can enter a text as “System signature for outgoing SMS”. Where necessary, this option will enable the user to differentiate between system sent SMS from other messages (you can have different texts for different recipients): just add some specific signature, e.g. “SMS from Home”. 

SMS commands

As texts to appear in SMS, and number of scenarios and devices in the house will always differ depending on the owner’s preferences and imagination, intraHouse system is supplied without any default commands. Commands should be customized individually. All commands should be created in HouseManager mode using functional keys in the bottom part of the screen. Examples of some commands are shown below:
alarm system

Fig.3. Sample list of SMS commands


SMS questions

You can specify questions to the system so that the user could get feedback from the system with information about system status even if he/she lacks a mobile phone or PC with internet access. This way the system ensures user interaction with Arloid Automation interface. 
smart home devices

Fig.4. Setting SMS questions to intraHouse system


As you add a new question, the system will offer you to select a device to address your question to. In our example, questions are addressed to climate and watering systems. It’s enough for the user to send an SMS to the system phone number to immediately get a reply that would contain one of the pre-determined reply variants  or a numeric value of requested parameter (e.g., temperature in a room or current mode of a certain subsystem).

Note: You can use one general question, e.g. “How are you?” to know about the status of different devices in one SMS response from the system, thus saving your time and money. 


In this subsection, you can edit SMS texts the users belonging to Owner group may send to have their commands to intraHouse system executed:
Keyword for incoming SMS (the first in the message): the system will recognize a keyword as a password to accept a command that will follow the keyword. When the user types an SMS with a command, the keyword should be typed first and then the command should follow, e.g. Simsim water off (simsim as a password and the command to have all water off in the house). For SMS communication settings, we recommend you to use words and texts each user of a particular system will easily memorize. 
remote light switch

Fig.5. Customization of templates for SMS commands and system responses


Standard response is a message from the system the user will receive after he's sent an SMS command with a relevant text to the system phone number, provided that the user belongs to Owner group, his phone number is in the list “Phone numbers for SMS” and the “Permitted” box is ticked. E.g., a standard response could be “Yes”, “OK”, etc.  

If there is a mistake in the text of an SMS command, the system will send Response if command is not recognised (E.g., “Command not recognised” or “I don’t understand”).
If a person whose phone number is in the authorized list sends an SMS command without a keyword, the system will send a reply but the command will not be executed. You should specify the text of such reply in the line “Response when message does not contain key word”.  

SMS processing sequence:

1. System checks the sender of an incoming SMS. If the sender’s number is NOT in Owner group, the SMS will be ignored (to assign a number to a certain group, go to HouseManager, System tab, Phones for SMS, Phone properties). If the number belongs to Owner group, the system will proceed with step 2. 
2. The system will search Keyword for incoming SMS at the beginning of an incoming message. If it does NOT find the word, the system will reply with and SMS, e.g. “No keyword” or “I don’t understand”. To specify the text that will appear in the system reply, go to HouseMnager, System tab, SMS, SMS commands. If the keyword is not appropriate, the system will send Standard response with a text you predefined. The system will then proceed with step 3. 
3. The system will scan all SMS activated scenarios and correlate the text in an incoming SMS with Keywords in Scenarios. Important: please make sure there are no similar words for different scenarios. If the system does NOT find a scenario to run, it will send a reply to the sender of incoming message. To specify text for a reply SMS, go to HouseManager/System/SMS parameters/Response if command is not recognised. If there is a scenario with such keywords in the system, it will be run and the system will send a reply whose text is specified in the active scenario properties in “System reply” box.
NB: for security purposes we strongly recommend changing the default keyword. When you send an SMS command, please always put the password first. Please do not use any irrelevant words.

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