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In intraHouse, the principles and tasks of home systems automation are successfully implemented through Scenarios. 
Based on the experience we have gained through many years of designing and implementing multiple Smart Home system projects, we have filled the current intraHouse system version with a full range of template scenarios for device behavior to handle any vital task for Smart Home system. 
In intraHouse system, the scenario management process is very fast and easy as it will not require from you any knowledge of programming languages. You can easily create an unlimited number of scenarios: from running a device according to a schedule (on/off, open/close, etc.), to having  different devices interact harmoniously, like musical instruments in an orchestra. The scenarios enable informing the owner of events by a sound message, alert, SMS/Email, journal entry, etc.

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intraHouse system has two scenario types, according to the way of running the scenario:

  1. Interactive (to run scenario by a keystroke, based on a schedule or by an SMS command);
  2. On-event (to trigger a scenario by a device status change).


Interactive scenarios

In primary interface, the user can adjust Interactive scenarios only: in "Scenarios" item of main user menu. With those scenarios, you can manage whole groups of devices or single devices individually.


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 Fig.1  List of scenarios in user menu


Below the main user menu there are device shortcuts and scenario shortcuts. You can customize those shortcuts in HouseManager individually for Primary Interface and Mobile Interface. We recommend placing the most frequently used scenarios here. 

List of scenarios:

The content of scenarios will be customized according to the preferences of the intraHouse system owner and the range of devices involved in the system. Scenarios can be created (or modified or added) at any stage of system operation.


Scenarios can be initiated in any of the following ways:

  1. as scheduled (e.g., in winter time, bedroom temperature will be raised every morning by the time you wake up),
  2. by an SMS command to the Smart Home system phone number,
  3. by a voice command,
  4. by a click on start key in intraHouse interface, from a tablet, PC or phone (i.e. interactively),
  5. by a click on a button of the wall-mounted scenario panel.



In Main Interface, at the end of each line of a scenario there are three indicators that show available ways to run a scenario.

  • If all icons are blurred, the scenario can be run manually only, from the system interface.
  • New scenarios can be added only in HouseManager/Scenarios.

Run scenario by voice or SMS command - to customize it, use HouseManager mode (see Scenarios in Customization Guide).

Run scenario with a click on scenario panel - To customize the combination of scenario panel buttons, use "Systems" function in the user interface: first, activate "List" view by pressing the service key in the right bottom part of the screen 2014-12-02 23-27-39 Скриншот экрана.

Find the scenario panel in the list of devices, then choose the button or combination of buttons to bind them to a previously created scenario: to open the scenario database, press   2014-12-09 01-28-17 Скриншот экрана and select the desired scenario (Fig.3).

Run scenario as scheduled — To customize, use "Schedule" (previous section) from the main menu.

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Fig.3 intraHouse Scenario panel customization in intraHouse system



In Mobile Interface, scenarios can be run in a similar way:



Priority scenarios can be run with a single click from the main page of Mobile Interface. You can have as many keys to run priority scenarios as you wish; to adjust their sequence and structure, go to //HouseManager/System/Mobile Interface/Scenario shortcuts. 



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