15 января 2015

Power & Energy Exhibition in Dubai

Gitex shopper 2010 jpg


intraHouse is keen to participate in the most prestigious international exhibitions, from Gitex 2014 in Dubai to Integrated System Europe 2015 in Amsterdam, and today it will contribute with WAGO Kontakttechnik GmbH & Co. KG (http://www.wago.com/) in Power & Energy Exhibition / Dubai, which will be held on 2-4 March 2015;

We invite you to experience the real-time operation of our iH smart home system. Come and enjoy full control of home systems installed in our mockup villa. You can play with it even from your own smart phone or tablet!

More details are available here: www.middleeastelectricity.com

About intraHouse:
intraHouse do not dreams of home automation, instead it believes in efficient management of all available resource at home thus creating state-of-the-art Home Management System. At intraHouse it is all about luxury, comfort, ease of access, energy efficiency, security and peace of mind.