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intraHouse system has three activity modes: Day, Night and Economical. A mode has an effect on device operation parameters which can be customized for the majority of devices. The system will always have one of the modes active: at startup, the system will be in "Day" mode by default. Mode change keys are available both in the primary and mobile interfaces (i.e. from a PC, tablet, smart phone, iPhone). 

Fig.1 Operation modes in intraHouse system



If you want, you can rename modes in HouseManager/System/System settings


Let's see how modes work as in the case of "Climate" subsystem

With Modes, your radiators and AC can keep the optimal climate and minimize expenses. intraHouse system will automatically turn on/off the devices when the temperature in a selected room is supposed to change as the mode changes at a set time.

Fig.2 Example of setting desired temperature for Day, Night and Economical modes


For this purpose, you should set temperature for all devices named "Temperature sensor", for day, night time and economical modes. To do so, please open "Systems" item of the menu: enable "Line" view by clicking on the relevant right bottom key. In "Climate" subsystem find the room and temperature sensor. Press "Settings" button against the device name and in the popup window set the temperature. In our case, the Day temperature is 23 C, Night is 19 C; Economical mode is 14 C.
Important note: with a scenario, you can bind temperature sensors with radiators or other heating devices. A template of such scenario is included in intraHouse system and will be available as soon as the temperature is in the system. Besides, in Night mode you can have underfloor heating off and disable AC activation in Economical mode. 
Such settings will help you optimize expenses for room heating through smart management of the climate system. With intraHouse you will no longer need to manually adjust radiators, underfloor heating and other equipment each time you leave the house for a long time or whenever the temperature inside your house changes with the outside temperature. 

Ways to switch Modes in intraHouse system

1. Manually. Go to Primary or Mobile Interface, then "Modes", and select the required mode with a single click. A tick symbol will appear against the activated mode, and a corresponding indicator will appear in the status bar (See Fig.1). 

2. According to a schedule. Automatic switching from one mode to another at set time and on specified days. An example of such mode change is described in detail in "Schedule" section of User Manual. 

Note: Without a set schedule, Modes will not automatically change according to time of the day.   

3. According to a scenario. Mode change can be introduced as a part of a scenario. This case is described in detail in Customization Guide - House Manager, "Scenarios" section. 


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