Main Menu


You can see Menu keys in the left part of the screen. Through Main Menu you will have fast access to the main Smart Home system functions, subsystem devices (security, multimedia, etc.), scenarios, video streaming from CCTV cameras, etc.

By default, Main Menu comprises the following functions:


Info — to display informers and widgets;

Systems — to display the smart home system devices on the screen, as a graphic layout or a graph; 

Schedule — to make a schedule of repetitive tasks, by selecting certain time and days of the week;  

Scenarios — to see the full list of existing scenarios and run the desired ones;

Modes — to switch between the three basic modes of the system operation, Day, Night, or Economical; 

Journal — to view statistical information about operation of different devices and processes

Photo — to start a slide show of user selected photos on the display of a wall panel / PC / tablet, while it's in sleeping mode;

CCTV — to view real-time video from CCTV cameras.

If you wish, you can change the main menu structure and sequence of keys. This function is available in HouseManager mode, "Main Menu" section (Primary Interface and Mobile Interface should be customized separately). According to the selected Main Menu item, the information and auxiliary control panels will dynamically change on the display.