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The system enters messages about device actions and processes in Journal. Entries will be made about scenario run / stop, device on/off, SMS/email status, etc. 

For the user, Journal helps to check if the remote command was executed, i.e. when the user is away from home. 

For the installer, Journal helps to track history of events to identify any failures and outline the ways to further refine the Arloid Automation system.

Fig.1 Journal in Primary Interface



Fig.2 Journal in Mobile Interface


For easy navigation through Journal, there is a search bar, by keyword and date in the event calendar. We recommend using this search bar to find entries about events that occured long before the current day. To find a recent journal entry, scroll up/down the log page. 

Three sources for journal entries

  1. scenario generated messages;
  2. device generated messages (about status or parameter change);
  3. system messages.


Entry search in the journal

Enter one ore more words in search bar and press search key. The search is not case sensitive and it's enough to enter the first letters of a word. E.g., to find entries related to "Leak detector in Bathroom", just type "leak bath".

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