09 февраля 2015

Arloid Automation has finished its 1st training program held in Dubai Silicon Oasis office 8-9 February

Training smart technology

intraHouse had finished the first training program that hold in Dubai Silicon Oasis office 8-9 February 2015, with attendances from three companies; two of them from UAE WAGO Middle East, Creative Automation and Expert IT Solutions Gen. Trading Est. from Kuwait.
The training covered intraHouse house management system, and how to use it for effective home automation developing.

Training outlines were:

Introduction to intraHouse system
System Interfaces
User Interface
HouseManager Constructor
3. Scenarios

The concept of scenarios
Practice of creation
intraHouse Profile:

intraHouse offers homeowners full control on lighting, automatic handling on window shades, swimming pools, door locks, thermostats and IP cameras not to mention fire, leak and gas detectors etc. from any part of the globe. intraHouse is not only about power door or controlling security cameras. It is all about luxury, comfort, ease of access, security & peace of mind.