The Info item of Main Menu and its widgets promptly provide valuable information about the environment and status of certain devices within Arloid Automation system [ a.System ].

Widgets are independent content blocks (also known as sidebars) you can place according to the theme selected. In a.System, widgets are classified as built-in and external.
perfomance widget smart home remote control

Fig.1 Example of widget arrangement in Info item of Main User Menu. Primary Interface

By default, a.System has the following built-in widgets:
  1. Clock: a real-time clock, with a second hand
  2. External widget: for example, the current rate of exchange
  3. Today: a widget that shows date, month, year, day of the week, dawn and sunset time
  4. Info: a dashboard that displays different data related to system status and weather. To adjust the content of this widget, go to Project Manager/System/Other/Info and add/remove/edit the info units and change their sequence. To adjust the location of Info widget on the screen, go to Project Manager/Info.
  5. Free field for widgets.
Note: the structure of built-in widgets in the updated Arloid Automation system version may differ from the one described here.
Users may add practically any external widgets in Project Manager constructor mode. E.g., currency exchange rate is not a built-in widget which can be added if desired. 
In Mobile Interface, only one Info widget is available:
mobile interface smart home

Fig. 2 Example of widget arrangement in Info item of Main User Menu. Mobile Interface