Arloid Automation system features widgets to furnish valuable information about the environment and status of certain devices to the user in good time.

Widget is an independent software module which operates in a certain environment (e.g., on a website, browser or mobile phone, etc.) and normally performs one particular function.

Arloid Automation has some preinstalled widgets whose settings are accessible through HouseManager/Info/. The configuration results will be visible in the primary user interface at a click on Info key of the main menu.

Please start customization of Info item by dividing the screen into rectangular cells which will later host widgets.
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Fig.1. Preparation of cells and columns before adding widgets


To adjust the size and location of cells, manually drag their borders. To adjust the number of cells and columns for the Info item, use the relevant functional keys on the left panel. To change the position of new cells and columns, simply drag them across the screen.



Fig.2. Customization of widgets in Info item of primary user menu

To add a widget, please activate one cell with a single click. Then press “Edit” key to access the preinstalled widgets or to add outside widgets (Fig.2).

To adjust the widget look, you can change its location on the screen, have the automatic zoom in/out option and change the widget position inside the cell. You can also trip clicking to limit user access to interactive widgets.

intraHouse system has widgets of two types: in-built (preinstalled in the system) and external (to be entered manually as html code).

Built-in widgets include:

  1. Clock displays real time in form of an analog clock with a second hand (the time displayed is according to the location selected in the system settings, “System” tab).

  2. Info is a set of info bars with various data about the system status and environment. To customize this widget contents, please go to System tab, Others section, Info subsection and use functional keys to add, remove, edit or change the info bars inside Info widget. To adjust the positioning of Info widget in the user interface, please go to Info tab.

  3. Today is a widget intended to display date, month, year, day of the week, sunset and dawn time.

External widgets

External widget option will allow you to add the widget’s html code, e.g., from a website directly to Info. You can have the dynamically changing information always update on your screen. E.g., weather forecast, currency exchange rates, stock prices, etc.

You can change the positioning of the widgets already displayed on the screen by simply dragging and dropping them. As you drag one widget to the place already occupied by the other widget, those two widgets will shift. The size of widget can be adjusted to fit the cell (to enable this option, please tick “Scaling” option in the “Edit” tab of the widget).
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Fig.3.1. Adjusting widget positioning on the screen



It will never take you much effort or time to adjust the widgets in your Arloid Automation system. Users can handle most settings without any assistance. 


Fig.3.2. Results of adjusting widget positioning on the screen.


All saved changes made to the widgets in Info section (HouseManager mode) will be displayed in Info menu item in Primary User Interface.


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Fig.4. An example of completed Info menu item