House Manager - Constructor Mode

HouseManager is Arloid Automation system constructor/configurator mode. This part of software is intended to configure the overall Smart Home System, change the system structure, program the device behavior logic, group devices and create scenarios of device activities.
Arloid Atomation system is optimally adapted for any users, irrespective of the technical knowledge they have or don't have, though some settings in HouseManager might require special expertise. The tips provided in Customization Guide describe in detail any possible adjustments and settings, as they appear in HouseManager. All the tips refer to HouseManager which is accessible from the main window of user interface: just click on the icon to invoke settings and go to HouseManager mode. To highlight particular menu items and functions we have used red frames and numbered them according to the sequence of actions, followed by description of each item. 
Arloid Atomation software has protection from irretrievable deletion of vital files. Any action can be undone at any time, and previously saved settings can be restored. When necessary, our specialists will help you configure your system, including remotely. 

The main window of constructor mode is structured as follows:

  1. Main tabs in HouseManager: System, Scenarios, Channels, Plan, Themes, Info, Settings, Debugger. Selection of a tab will invoke a context menu;
  2. Context menu with groups of settings;
  3. Key to exit constructor mode (to return to Primary User Interface);
  4. Functional control keys: Add, Delete, Edit, Save, Undo, Arrows to move items up/down the list, etc.


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Interface of HouseManager mode