Basic Principles

  1. intraHouse system is a combination of advantages and capabilities for successful people who know what proper management is.
  2. With intraHouse you get a quality product with the major version of software, without need for purchasing any additional license.
  3. To control the system, you can use any desktop PC, laptop, smart phone or tablet with any operating system (Android, iOS, Linux, Mac OS X, Windows).
  4. Users will have a privilege right to change names, graphic images and structure of the system interface to perfectly customize and personalize the system. 
  5. intraHouse system is designed to ensure parallel operation of multiple devices from different manufacturers and with different protocols.
  6. No knowledge of any programming language is needed for adequate operation and configuration of the intraHouse system: the system will automatically generate complex codes 
  7. The intuitive and user-friendly interface will operate through a Web browser without any specialized software
  8. Thanks to the backup copy of the working version, you can go very far in your creative experiments without any fear.
  9. Even very complex scenarios engaging dozens of different devices can be implemented. You don't need to know any programming language for that. You don't need to call support, wait and pay to programmers, because intraHouse system interface is very well thought out.  
  10. Pre-set automatic scenarios will cover more than 90% of home automation tasks.
  11. For creation of unique complex scenarios, you can access source codes of pre-set scenarios and programming tools.