Advanced scenarios

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Advanced scenarios is a tool to create unique scenarios, based on scripting language elements. Advanced scenarios are not obligatory for effective operation of intraHouse system but they can significantly enhance the system capabilities which will be appreciated by advanced users and installers.
An advanced scenario will be helpful where interactive or simple scenarios are not enough. With this tool, you can have one scenario to automate numerous devices, support their complex relationships and additional features. An example of such advanced scenario could combine turning on/off perimeter lights depending on the status (event) of a wicket gate, entrance door, gate and garage door. 
Unlike template scenarios, advanced scenarios refer to a particular project and to particular devices. Advanced scenarios will be kept in base/scenbase folder as *.json files. 
You can create a scenario file and upload it in HouseManager/Scens/Advanced Scenarios. A scenario becomes operative right after upload. 


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