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User Manual

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About intraHouse System

IntraHouse System is an application software designed for home automation and Smart Home system creation. IntraHouse system is supplied with ihServer (abbr. intraHouse Server).


ihServer is a compact computer, 90mm*53mm*35mm.
ihServer is the key element for home system management and visualization of home systems operation which ensures communication of devices of different standards. One ihServer is capable of simultaneously managing and controlling thousands of devices, such as sensors, lights, sockets, heating radiators, air conditioning, etc. 

Key Features of intraHouse Smart Home System



intraHouse system effectively integrates both wired and wireless technologies. It is designed to ensure parallel operation of connected devices from different manufacturers and with different protocols. intraHouse system can control a practically unlimited range of equipment. 


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User interface is accessible through a Web browser. No special software will be needed. To operate the system, you can use any desktop computer, laptop, smart phone and tablet with any operating system (Android, iOS, Linux, Mac OS X, Windows).
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The number of connected devices is unlimited. One ihServer can be equally efficient when used for small-scale projects, such as automation of an apartment, and huge shopping malls comprising dozens of spaces and thousands of sensors and devices. Our ihServer ensures centralized management of all utility systems inside a house and its adjacent area, such as lighting, climate, security, water supply … While using our system, you can easily expand it by adding new gateways for new devices or groups of devices.