13 мая 2014

A new version of Arloid Automation i.e. V14.05.05 has been released!

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A new version of intraHouse V14.05.05 has been released, new features added, bugs fixed, significant improvements introduced to the user interface. Some of the main features in new version include:

  1. Left side panel of the user interface now has the function for changing the arrangement of menu items. In the new release, the left panel comprises the following: 
    • Main menu
    • Device shortcuts
    • Scenario shortcuts
  2. Now user can choose to view devices of various categories in either of two modes, plan or list. You will observe that with some categories, such as meters or other devices, it is always convenient to use the list format. Different filters can be applied to the list for convenience.
  3. A new panel has been added to the plan on its right side. The primary interface has now the capability of displaying of devices belonging to certain levels/floors.
  4. In the right panel, you can also place scenario shortcuts related to a category and floor. Composition and number of scenarios are now unlimited.
  5. A new type of device has been included which is known as variable-rate meters
  6. Photo displaying mechanism has been redesigned
    Display method is now compatible with the devices and can automatically adapt to the type of control panel or device like PC or iPad or Smartphone etc. You will see any randomly selected photo according to the selected display method.
    It is also possible to have the display switch to full screen Photo mode after a specified period of time.
  7. Errors and omissions have been eliminated



About intraHouse

intraHouse (The smart house and building management system) is highly scalable and designed in such a way that it can simultaneously work with various connectable devices having different protocols. No additional or special software installation is required. Users can enjoy cross platform controls from any computer, laptop, smartphone, tablet etc. based on any operation system (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, iOS, Android).

intraHouse specialized in:

  • Home automation systems
  • Energy management systems
  • Eco friendly homes
  • Building automation system
  • Office automation
  • Intelligent homes
  • Wifi home automation