January 20, 2016

Transforming the future through advance software technology.

A arloid

More so than ever, we’re committed to inventing, building, and sharing new software technology that advance the future of “Smart House System” globally.

Q&A by Arloid:

When will we have more meaningful connections in our living?

As the Internet expands into tens of billions of new devices, the need for things and places to communicate reliably has never been greater. That’s why we’re inventing an optimized, more intuitive software solution, which provides coherent operation of all SMART Home SubSystems 24/7 where smarter devices connect in more seamless and meaningful ways.

How Smart House System will change your life, from today?

In order to truly experience the future living, we have created new technologies and solutions, that provides different feature of comfort, safety and energy efficiency having an extreme user-friendly interface, a fully controllability and configuration without the need for programming, that improves physical virtually corners of daily life. From connecting multiple devices, controlled by you, in any place you where, applying your mode to your lifestyle, we’re strengthening the performance of technology comfort, safety & security living.

When will the ordinary become extraordinary?

The intelligence we bring is to combine various equipment with different functional purposes and diverse communication protocols, through our A.system Software. It effectively unites wire and wireless technologies. Not only to make them smart; it transforms the importance they have in our daily lives. Enabling smart homes to intuitively adjust to our habits and needs, to merging automobiles with our connected lifestyles, to enhancing infrastructure and addressing the complex challenges off smart cities – we’re allowing the ordinary things of today to have extraordinary capabilities of tomorrow.

How will Arloid and its Software Interface put people first?

We’re doing amazing things to advance “smart living” with anticipated connection of “Internet of Things” by uniting all system infrastructure and machines, having our No1# objective, “SMART HOUSE SYSTEM SHOULD BE AFFORDABLE” to better capture, share and interact with the people.