Functional Structure of Arloid Automation

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Arloid Automation system consists of Kernel and three actuator components:

Структура системы intraHouse

the visualization component UI SERVER, the system logic component SCEN ENGINE, and UNIT SERVER which operates hardware modules. They interact with the forth component, KERNEL, which contains data about all devices in the "cloud" of events.
Let us take a closer view at each component.
The visualization component UI SERVER allows the user to view the current situation and system operation status from a PC, smart phone or tablet. The user can interactively control each of the devices. 

It should be noted that if the user/users simultaneously view and control the system from many devices, the visualization module will be available from any of them. In other words, the system will be always displayed in its up-to-date status from any portable device connected to intraHouse. 

Thus, UI SERVER component gives full information to the user about the relevant automated category under control.
UNIT SERVER component ensures communication between hardware physically existing in the system. This task is fulfilled by software modules, i.e. drivers matching the USB or Ethernet devices (gateways, actuators) which are directly connected to the system via a.Server. The modules ensure communication between a.Server and control devices via protocols; control devices give commands to and receive data from sensors and devices. With the modules, it is possible to integrate software and hardware components from different manufacturers and different information protocols. 
SCENE ENGINE is Arloid Automation's brain. It is responsible for the system behavior. By creating scenarios we assign actions to SCENE ENGINE module, thus fully determining how our smart home system will operate. 
The KERNEL ensures elaboration of control actions and messages for other components of the system whose images already exist inside the kernel.

Логическая схема работы сценария в системе умный дом



The diagram shows communication of the structural elements, as in the case of an on-event scenario. In this example UNIT SERVER sends a message to the kernel about an event. The system gives a feedback by generating a control action and sending relevant information messages. 

The actuator components will use data according to their purpose, namely:
SCENE ENGINE prescribes rules,
US executes commands,
USER INTERFACE SERVER displays the system status change data for the user


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