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You can find status bar in the top part of the screen. Status bar is always displayed (except when photos are viewed in full screen mode). Status bar has the following functions:
  1. it displays indicators for devices and processes;
  2. it shows information messages.

Fig.1 intraHouse system status bar


Note: There is no status bar in Mobile Interface

Information messages notify the user of potential emergency conditions to allow time for decision-making.
Fig.1 shows the info message "Leakage bathroom 2nd floor". This message will appear if there is an active scenario for water leakage: leak detector will identify water leakage, water valve will be shut off to turn off water supply to the house, and a message will be generated to appear in the status bar. 
Device indicators continuously inform the user of the status of different devices and processes. You can add or remove indicators  at any time in House Manager/System/Primary Interface/Status Bar.
You can tell by the indicator image, what is the status of the concerned device or process. If you have the indicating icon for security system in the form of a shield (See Fig.1), you can see that the security system is inactive now because the icon is pale gray. Once you have activated the security system, the icon color will change to bright red. 

The number of indicator icons in status bar is limited by the bar length, i.e. up to 30 to 50 according to the screen size.


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