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You are a successful person and you have your own villa! Your villa embodies all your ideas about comfortable home: beautiful interior design, lighting, water, air conditioning, alarm system and even a swimming pool and a sauna. All these give you real pleasure and feel you with vital power. What more could you ask for?
Humanity keeps evolving: people invented an elevator, a telephone, a remote control..., i.e. everything to make our everyday life easier and bring more comfort to it. Those inventions really reduce time and labor input. Every year they become more complex but easier to operate. 

Smart Home system represents a new level of development of science, technoogy and humanity.

Smart Home offers unparalleled opportunities for progressive people.

Best remote control 

Arloid Automation System will unite all building services of your villa into a harmoniously operating network controllable from one supercontrol. This supercontrol is your tablet, smart phone or laptop! You can now control the whole villa from any location in your house, city and even any spot on Earth!

Smart Home to save your time

Everyday when you leave home you turn off the lights, close windows, shut blinds, check if the household appliances, AC and multimedia are off, if the water is not running. It takes you about 10 minutes every time, which makes 60 hours a year! 

With Smart Home from Arloid Automation all those actions will be done in 5 seconds after just one press on a buttton. You can use the save time to the people you care about.

Cimate control

If it gets hot inside your house during the day you normally turn on airconditioning. When it gets cold, you use heating.

In a Smart Villa, it will be enough just to set the comfortable temperature for the system to decide when and what it will turn on and off to ensure the interior temperature is always comfortable.
Moreover, the smart home system will not allow any unreasonable power consumption for climate control purposes.


Your villa is equipped with wall switches to control lights. In a Smart Villa, you can control the whole lighting system and each individual light without even knowing the location of switches.


If you prefer to enjoy the sauna to release stress at the end of the day, Smart Home will warm it up by the time you arrive home. 

Before you leave the office, give one click on "sauna" button on your tablet screen to warm the sauna and set the desired temperature.


When you have an intercom call, you can see and hear the visitor and open the door only when you're home.

With a Smart Home from Arloid Automation, you can do the same even if you are away from home. The system will forward the call to your tablet, phone or PC.

Remote control 

With a remote control, you control AC, gate, multimedia and other systems. How often do you need to search for a remote control around your house? Do you always have a reserve battery if the remote control battery is dead? 
You can replace all remote controls by one supercontrol  always with you. Now you can control your villa from a phone, tablet and PC.

Water leakage prevention

Water gives you a lot of joy, but a water leak is always a trouble that might result in a loss. 

Smart Home will protect your villa from a flood caused by a leakage: it will shut off water supply and notify you about any irregularity in the water supply system by an sms, email or voice alert.

Smart Home becomes more affordable

A modern Smart Home system based on Arloid Automation system will be as efficient as solutions offered by large known manufactureres but imply significantly lower expenses for installation and operation. 

This valuable feature has been achieved through the many years of Arloid Automation operation.

Today in some contries only 5% of the population can afford a smart home. With Arloid Automation, this number can increase to 15%!