Business Center Europe Building Automation Project


About the project

Name: Business Center Europe
Location: Togliatti, Russia

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Business Center Europe located at Togliatti, Russia is one of the very busy business centers in Togliatti which start operating in early 2006. The management of Europe Business Center contacted Arloid Automation and asked to help them in maximizing the energy efficiency and security in parallel. Arloid Automation in response proposed a complete solution which was based on these options; Lightening, Energy Efficiency, Climate Control, Security System, Security Barrier Controls, Notification Systems, Lawn Watering Controls, Weather Station, Water Leakage Sensors, Fire Sensors, ArloidActiveScreen, SMS controls and notifications and Multimedia controls.

Management at Business Center showed much interest in this system and request to implement this in minimum possible time. Arloid Automation’s highly efficient team was able to complete this project with-in 10 months with all the options. Since the beginning of 2007 Arloid Automation system is running in Business Center Europe without any downtime. The management is really happy with all of these options and their most favorite option is the overall statistics updates which shows all the updates like how many lights are in good working conditions, how many are bad, how many devices are working how many are at standby. The system tracks all energy consumption and reports if any of the equipment using extra energy as per previous statistics.

Arloid Automation Options

  • Light Control
  • Climate Control
  • Curtain Control
  • Security System
  • Weather Station
  • Water Leakage Sensors
  • Fire Sensors
  • ArloidActiveScreen
  • SMS Control and Notification
  • Multimedia