In most cases, users of today's smart home systems need to seek from time to time the system installation company support for configuration, addition or removal of new devices and unique scenarios. It is normally the only way to upgrade the already operating smart home system and it requires significant expenses.

Now it is a thing of the past. Arloid Automation system setting is so easy and the user guide is so clear that the only reason why you might need to contact the installation company would be when your neighbors decide to install a similar Arloid Automation system and ask you for your assistance.

 Interface customization

Each owner of Arloid Automation based smart home system can easily personalize the system by:

  1. changing the interface menu structure,
  2. choosing and creating personalized look-and-feel themes,
  3. set captions and photo wallpapers,
  4. limit the number of users,
  5. create groups of authorized users varying in access rights

Device settings

Each device can be set individually, or similar settings can be applied to all similar devices. Devices can be displayed in a graphical or tabular view. All devices are easily grouped according to their intended use and location. Graphic icons for devices are suppied with the system for you to simply select the desired one from the database.