In the life of any individual, scheduling play a very significant role. This is true for anybody - a caring parent, a successful business person... Routine tasks very often distract us from important thoughts and activities and frequently imply additional charges: for example, you should not forget to water the lawn, turn off perimeter lights, heat water in the boiling tank or warm water in the swimming pool before you want to get in, etc. It will be so pleasing to your emotions and your family budget if the underfloor heating will be on just a few minutes before and off thirty minutes after you get up in the morning. It will be stressless for you to wake up with the tender sunight coming through the open blinds rather than by the annoying alarm clock sound.

Important feature: schedules in intraHouse smart home system allow users to set conditions for each action. For instance, the blinds will remain closed and the underfloor heating off in the morning if there is nobody at home and the house security system is armed. With intraHouse, all important detais will be accounted for just with one click on a button.

Any schedule can be supplemented with commands for any devices, household appliances and equipment. Once you have created a scheduled task for Arloid Automation system, it will never be overooked because Arloid Automation will take care of it to ensure the task will be fulfilled properly and in time.