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Office Center  

Any office center, wherever it could be, should have a healthy and safe environment for productive work and business meetings. Working environment will significantly affect the staff efficiency at any time.

Arloid Automation based automation system integrated for an office center will ensure the following:
  1. The office area will have comfortable climate that will contribute to better performance of your personnel;
  2. Cost of maintaining the best comfortable climate will be optimized;
  3. Safety of all controlled building services; 
  4. Higher level of control of execution.


Our system will help you solve the following tasks:

1. Keep optimal air quality:
Any change in air humidity, temperature and purity should be balanced, to affect positively the work capability and to minimize risk of any disease or temporary incapacitation.


2. Optimization of operating costs for lighting, heating, ventilation and airconditioning systems
Energy should be used efficiently, with consideration of the season, climate, ambient temperature change during the day, and natural light.

Very often at night, office equipment and lights are on, which results in power overconsumption. Arloid Automation can detect and remotely switch off the equipment or system that is not used.
Air conditioners running while windows are open will also cause excessive power expenses and need for AC system repairs. Arloid Automation system will send a prompt notificaiton about an open window, with indication of its location, and remotely or automatically close such window.
Simultaneous operation of heating and air conditioning systems increases unreasonable power consumption. Arloid Automation system will help balance and coordinate operation of the devices involved by  those systems.


3. Fastest emergency notificatino
If fire, smoke, water pipe break, intrusion or any other incident occurs, it is critical to inform all responsible people of the emergency within the first few seconds, to prevent any undesirable effects.


4. Creation of a versatile control over building services:
The responsible people can rely on automated and visual control of the main building services: fire safety, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, air quality and CCTV systems. For this purpose, verification of information should be as fast as possible.

For instance:
In the case of smoke or fire, the responsible people will be immediately informed by Arloid Automation system in an automatic mode (via sms, email, voice alert or special signal). Arloid Automation system will ensure that any responsible individual will be able to remotely view the image from a CCTV camera to verify the signal. This will not only give time for decision-making, but also reduce the risk of irreversible negative effects!


All such functions are too critical to be trusted to the human factor
Automation of building services is the only appropriate solution which is sought after by successful businesses.