The launch version of Arloid Automation system supplied with a.Server has three default modes: Day, Night and Economical.

The modes are used for organization of equipment control according to the time of the day and occupancy.

Modes contribute to energy saving through fine adjustment of operation of power, heat and water consuming devices and equipment.

Normally, three modes are enough to fully configure an energy efficient and comfortable operationg of an apartment or a house. 

Customized mode

Important feature: Arloid Automation system allows users to create their own modes, in any quantity and for any purpose. 
It is especially important to elaborate customized modes for automation of a commercial facility, such as store, shopping mall, office center, fitness center, spa and wellness club, hotel or restauarant. Creation of customized modes for optimal operation of premises, taking into account the peculiarities of a business, working hours and number of business days.
Anyone, a business person or a housewife, will enjoy the unique opportunity to get more assurance, safety and peace 24/7.
Arloid Automation will be always able to meet requirements and satisfy expectations for projects of any scope and specific features.