a.System for   


Use tablets that have a great advantage in terms of replacement and upgrade.

You can use various wall / desk frames which can fit any interior design


By controlling Lighting, Climate, Curtains, Sound systems; these systems and devices will be operated just when hotel rooms have been occupied

  • Arloid Automation system contributes to reduction of energy consumption


  • Hotel guests can even schedule their activities through Arloid Automation system; let curtains and climate operate when needed so he or she will refresh and start a new day


  • With Arloid Automation system, hotel guests can adjust his or her preferred scenarios and enjoy their time


  • a.Server is Arloid Automation hardware/software gateway which provides system user interface and integrates with various home automation protocols (such as EnOcean, Modbus, KNX, ...)
  • KNX protocols have many advantages

           - Reduce the amount of connection wires

           - Comply with European Standards

           - Supported by a huge range of equipment

  • GIRA has a plenty of stylish finishing which fit luxury properties and hotels, and harmoniously match different interior designs


  • Once integrated with the overall hotel automation system; Arloid Automation system will let the guests see the restaurant menu and order their meal
  • And when the guest is ready for outside tour, he or she can book a taxi from a system tablet


  • Arloid Automation system is very flexible; 
  • so it can provide for a wide range of finishing


  • Integration of the room systems with the overall hotel management system will allow receptionists to get information about each room, and control AC in several rooms, for instance.
  • Thanks to ArloidActiveScreen, all important information can be displayed for the attention of the hotel guests, along with any video or photos.

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