Arloid Automation system has a remarkable feature, which is the user interface operating via a Web browser. It means that no special software installation is needed. You can control your smart home system from any PC, laptop, smart phone or tablet supporting any operating system (Android, iOS, Linux, Mac OS X, Windows).

You personal house manager

  • connection of new devices and determination of their behavior,
  • creation of scenarios for devices,
  • widget management,
  • statistical data collection and analysis,
  • aSystem interface customization, etc.

Utterly easy and functional

a.System user interface is extremely friendly. System owner can upload a layout of his or her own house to perfectly match the real layout. The embedded set of beautiful background themes is supplemented with the option to add or create customized themes. This will make each a.System personalized and one of the kind.

Full synchrony

Full synchrony of all devices and users ensures continuous control and management: once you have sent a command from your PC, you can check its fulfillment from your phone and continue control wherever you are: outside the concerned room, building, city, country and even continent.

System approach

Аll equipment and appliances in the house are grouped according to the function they perform. This is done for comfortable and easy control. These device groups are called subsystems:

  • lighting (lamps, switches, sockets)
  • heating (boilers, underfloor heating, radiators)
  • ventilation (fans, windows, vents)
  • multimedia (speakers, stereo, television)
  • alarm (detectors of water leakage, fire, humidity,
  • smoke, motion, glass break, door and windwo
  • open/close, SMS notification)
  • CCTV (Photo & Video)


Voice control can make your hands free from manual control and unnecessary movements.

The menu is well thought out but still easily customizable, to ensure fast access to all devices within your smart home system.

All these features will allow fast, comfortable and safe control of all controllable devices in your villa or apartment.