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Smart system for apartment is aimed to ensure the maximum human comfort during their stay in the building and full safety during their absence.
Moreover, a minimum set of equipment, will help to choose a broad range of solutions that will fully satisfy the requirements of the owner. As a rule, such sets are limited in scale and has budget concise interface, which corresponds to the price policy.

The correct choice of the system

We believe that the true comfort can be achieved only with the tandem from devices with high level of operability and interface flexibility. The user should not feel any restrictions using the product and should be able to make some changes without manufacturer limit.

What you have to take into account selecting a smart apartment system?

  1. Affordable price valuation
  2. Easy in use interface
  3. Free choice of manufacturer
  4. Good reviews and statistics

Design of the Smart apartment

Special planning of the system is needed for the maximum adaptation to your habits and preferences. Moreover, the structure of intra House reserves the possibility of expansion options, even with the machinery of other manufacturers.
A wireless system ensure the complete safety of the interior of your apartment, without any violations.

Easy control of the system

Control panel is very easy in use. Unique interface of Arloid Automation allows you to set up any desired action, without special programming knowledge. Moreover, you can manage the system distantly, even staying at the other end of the world.
Our company is always open to help. We will set up your system in the shortest possible time, without unnecessary visits, long lines and extra cost.