Arloid Automation system [ a.System ] devices and scenarios can be run / stopped according to a specific schedule. In "Schedule" item of Main Menu, you can create tasks and set date and time for their fulfilment.

A scheduled task can be created in three steps. 

Step 1: In primary interface please select "Schedule" item from the menu, then click "+" (Add) and start creating a new task. Select time of the day and days of the week or particular dates when you want the task to be fulfilled.

In the new task setting window (left upper corner), select time: the task will be fulfilled at particular time in "Hours:Minutes" format or relative to dawn/sunset time. E.g., you might want the task to be performed daily, 30 minutes before dawn.

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Fig.1 Setting time for scheduled tasks

 Step 2: In this window, select the 2nd tab and press "Choose action". It will bring a popup window with three tabs: "Scens", "Devices" and "System". 

  • "Scens" tab: here you can choose from previously created simple scenarios. You can select a particular scenario to run it at particular time and dates/days of the week. In this example, we select "Turn off all lighting in the area" and "Close all blinds in the house".
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 Fig.2 System scenario selection to create task-specific schedule


  • "Devices" tab: Please select one or more devices from the list, according to the room and subsystem you need. When you select a device, you also define an action for the device, as you would like it to be on or off at set time on a particular day. To do so, press "on" or "off" next to the device. In this example we choose to have AC on in the living room on the ground floor.
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Fig.3 Device selection in new scheduled task creation


  • "Systems" tab: set the time when the system will switch from "Day" to "Night" mode and back. If necessary, provide for the "Eco" mode in the schedule.

Fig.4. Selection of system mode switch time (Day, Night, Eco)


As a result, you will have a list of tasks a.System will fulfill at the time and on the day/date you set in the schedule.

Fig.5 List of tasks in a.System schedule


Step 3: You can also add a logical restriction for the task, to make it fulfilled on a certain condition(s). In "If" tab select the condition. If needed, you can create certain conditions: unless those conditions are met, the task will not be logical and will not be carried out.

 Fig.6 Condition of scheduled task fulfillment


Illustration of scenario operation with automatic mode switching (Day/Night)

How to add a task to the schedule
In this example, we will see how to arrange automatic system switching between modes according to the time of the day. Let's say, we want the modes to change at 08:00 and 22:00 on weekdays and at 09:00 and 23:00 at weekends. 

1. Add a new entry to the schedule and select start time 8:00; by one click on Saturday and Sunday deselect the weekend from the task schedule.

Fig.7 Time and date setting for a new task


2. In "Action" tab press "Choose action" and go to "System" tab where you should select "Switch on mode: -Day". Save it.

Fig.8  Selection of main action for scheduled task


3. Now create a task for switching on Day mode at weekdays and Night mode on different days:

Fig.9 Task assignment for automatic Day/Night Mode switching

Important: In Arloid Automation system, the number of scheduled tasks and the number of actions within one task are not limited at all. 

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