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With the "Photo" function, your control panel becomes a photo frame in sleep mode. The photo slide show or single photo will turn your smart panel into a beautiful element of interior design.

 Fig.1 Look of "Photo" menu entry 

"Full screen photo viewer" - use this key (or double-click the photo) if you want to see only the photo miage and hide the interface, including keys and menu. To return to normal view, repeat the same action. 

Photos will be automatically uploaded from a portable storage device (e.g., a memory stick or external hard drive) connected to a.Server via a USB port. To do slide show settings, go to HouseManager and find Photo section: here you can also set photo change frequency (intervals). This function also supports a Flash-player which is the best option when you want to view a slideshow of many high resolution and big size photos from an external hard drive or memory stick.

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