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Info widget is built in Arloid Automation system. It can display different system data, e.g., current status of any device or susbsystem, certain processes loading the system (number of connections to the system, number of SMS sent, values and data from any sensor, etc.)


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Fig.1. Adding devices and processes to Info widget


You can add devices or system processes to be displayed in Info widget. To adjust Info widget positioning on the screen of Primary User Interface, follow the tips in Customization Guide /Primary Interface / Info.



Photo widget is intended for a slide show on the screen of a device while it’s in sleeping mode. Arloid Automation system can show images from different data storage media.

1. Removable media (a USB stick, a portable hard drive): the medium should bear the name “Photo” so that the system could recognize it. The system will automatically recognize the medium after its connection to a.Server. 

2. Network resource  (remote computer/folder): for a.System to recognize it, please indicate a path to the resouce in the field “Photo folder”. If the resource is protected, enter the appropriate Login and Password.

Photo show speed (sec.) means intervals in seconds at which photos will change.

Use Flash Player to display photos: We don’t recommend you to use Flash Player if there is no special need for that. If you would like to show a lot of high resolution images, Flash Player might keep the RAM from overloading.


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Fig.2. Setting “Photo” parameters in HouseManager constructor