January 26, 2016

On the necessity to prevent water leaks

Water leak solution

Any modern house today is equipped with numerous systems: power supply system, ventilation system, air conditioning, gas being among them.
All these systems should be under the control of corresponding services for their failure may result in severe consequences. They may be classified into both man-induced disasters, which can be caused by accidents at large enterprises, and household accidents such as fire, flood, long power cuts caused by failures of these systems in residential buildings.
The system of water supply is one of the most important systems of any building. Some buildings have only the system of cold water supply, others have both cold and hot water supply systems.
Nowadays due to ubiquitous rise in prices for resources and "green construction" policy nobody calls into question the necessity of water control. Aiming at controlling water being consumed there are set up meters which are swiftly improving. Thus, in recent 10 years they have been converted from mechanical meters into electronic ones that promptly allows to control water consumption and expenditures.
Here we see a direct link between global tasks of the resources conservation, quite a natural wish of an average resident to save his money and a goal to prevent accidents in different level systems.
One of the most needed functions of a.System is to prevent water leakage. Implementation of this function is quite simple: we locate the position of the most probable places where an accident can happen. As a rule they are bathrooms, kitchens, as well as radiators. Special sensors reacting to excessive moisture are installed there.
Further on it is rather simple: the sensor sends a signal to the a.Server, i.e. to the central control unit which depending on the configuration of the set up system takes a decision how to respond to the situation. For instance, in the simplest configuration it will send an SMS to the owner of the house or the apartment and simultaneously a corresponding message to the central control panel, as well as to the mobile telephone of the owner via a special application. Then the owner or a person authorized by him (a neighbour, a concierge) takes a decision how to eliminate the problem: to cut off the water, to apply to corresponding services, etc.
However, there appears a problem at that: nobody will compensate you to the full extent even for an insured property; just imagine water damaging your favourite family album or antiques. Emotional distress caused by it won't be compensated for by any insurance, will it?
You may ask what to do. There is no reason for concern as we have already thought it over. Fitting a.System with smart valves to cut off water will save you the trouble. It is enough to install such valves at the entrance of the heating and water supply systems to your house or apartment and after receiving an alarm signal from the sensor your system will shut off an applicable valve. You will have enough time to take a decision on repairing without haste and your property won't be damaged.
Besides, one more argument in favour of installing smart valves is that during the accident the premises won't be flooded by a great amount of water for which you will have to pay since the water will pass through the meters.
Attentive readers ask us from time to time about the following: what if wet cleaning takes place at times in the house? The sensors can go off due to the excessive moisture! Yes, it is true, answer our engineers in such cases. But we have taken it into account as well. Before cleaning you can switch off the sensors manually either via your phone or via the central panel of the system. But we are asked again what will happen if we fail to switch on the sensors again after the wet cleaning. What if this way we won't be able to detect the leak in time? And again, nothing will go wrong here as in 4 hours after you switch off the sensors manually, a.System will automatically switch them on again.
Thus, you can trust our system for it always protects your comfort and safety.