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 For a shopping mall, automation will become one of the best ways to expand the commercial business and can be the key competitive edge. The number of shopping centers is ever growing in small towns and big cities. To retain the previously gained position, evolve and move with the time, it is vital to rationalize the available resources as much as possible and effectively use the potential. This purpose can be achieved through installation and operation of an automated management system. It will not only prevent any unnecessary costs, improve usability and contribute to facilitation of decision-making processes, but also provide quantifiable efficiency indicators that can be used for analysis of further development prospects.


Your project will benefit from automation in many aspects: 

  1. New quality level of source information to accelerate decision-making processes
  2. Higher speed and better quality of customer service
  3. Prevention of many human factor errors, including the accident risk 
  4. Optimization of power costs
  5. Prevention of misuse and misappropriation
  6. Significant simplification of particular reporting and analysis procedures
Personnel and customer safety should always be a priority task for any business. One of the most important factors for this task is promptitude  and accuracy of information from building services. Arloid Automation system will make possible a multi-level control, with immediate access to the initial safety information for business owners and managers of responsible departments. 
It will be just impossible to conceal an accident, and the personnel efficiency will increase with the awareness of control. Besides, such change will not require any additional labor input from the managers.

In a project without automation, in the case of abnormal situation the staff will first need to receive source information, then verify it, then prepare and give a notice to the managers in a special written form and move the notice upwards according to the management hierarchy. This conservative approach is time-consuming and very often doesn't leave any time for decision-making, which may result in an irreversible situation, including accidents. The direct remote notification feature of Arloid Automation system will enable the decision-makers to become fast and well aware of a potential critical situation and keep it under control at any time from any point on Earth. With a conservative management model, it is possible to hide any ommissions; in contrast, Arloid Automation will ensure accurate, realiable and continuous control through multiple levels.

Arloid Automation will assume the task to optimize energy costs for heating, ventilation and power supply and turn the modern gadgets the managers are accustomed to into powerful tools for management and control of a shopping mall and even a chain of shops. 

Besides standard tools for system analysis, our programmers can create a dedicated energy efficiency analysis and forecast system for a particular automation project, taking into account the peculiarities of a building and management requirements.


A successful shopping center cannot function without wireless data exchange networks. It's not only about the benefit for customers who got used to free WiFi access, but also about gaining an edge in the competition. Firstly, wireless technology facilitates access to source information and data exchange between departments of a shopping mall and within the network itself. Secndly, it is a great supplement or alternative to wired networks which often deter progress and advancement.