July 04, 2014

ArloidSmartHome – Live example of home smart home created by Arloid Automation technical team

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Arloid Automation technical team is always in the process of exploring all new ways to reach to its customers more and more efficiently. ArloidSmartHome is one the live examples which has been created to facilitate the customers to see live examples of the home automation system designed by Arloid Automation. People will be able to see different scenarios happening from their own eyes while interacting with this smart house. They will also be able to interact and play live with different options available to control the entire house and electric appliances in majority of the upcoming events.


"ArloidSmartHouse has specifically designed for the potential clients, this will enable them to interact and see live examples of our home automation system. They will be able to set different scenarios and apply different conditions on our live system running inside the smart house said Mikhail Nikolaev Technical Support Engineer Arloid Automation.”

About Arloid Automation

Arloid Automation (the smart house and building management system) is highly scalable and is designed in such a way that it can simultaneously work with various connectable devices having different protocols. No additional software installation is required. Users can enjoy cross platform controls from any computer, laptop, smartphone, tablet etc. based on any type of operation system (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, iOS, Android).


Arloid Automation specialized in:

Home automation systems
Energy management systems
Eco friendly homes
Building automation system
Office automation
Automated homes