Arloid Automation system [ a.System ] can operate in two modes:
  1. User Interface: for routine operation of Smart House system 
  2. Project Manager - System Constructor Mode: to change Smart House system settings, structure and behavior logic. 

 User Interface

To make it convenient for the user to view the interface, we designed two different display variants, for screens of different sizes: 1) Primary Interface and 2) Mobile Interface

1. Primary Interface
It is intended for tablets and PCs, including any laptops
To enter Primary Interface from any Web browser, enter the address
http://ip-address:port. E.g.,
Primary Interface comprises the house plan and the adjacent area plan, with a detailed layout of all floors and rooms. The plan shows all devices inside the house which are manageable in one click or touch. Every a.System owner may design their interface look, according to their taste, by selecting it from the pre-set theme collection or by manually changing the parameters.

Fig.1 Primary User Interface of a.System

 Key elements of User Interface:
1 Main Menu: to manage the main a.System functions (access to devices, scenarios, journal, cameras, etc.);
2 Device shortcuts: to turn on/off the pre-selected devices/systems;
3 Scenario shortcuts: to run pre-selected scenarios;
4 Settings menu: to go to system parameters setting menu;
5 Status bar: it shows current status of the selected devices and displays alerts;
6 Service menu: to display information about devices located in different areas of the building.
2. Mobile Interface
It is intended to control a.System operation from a smart phone

To enter Mobile Interface, use the address in any Web browser http://ip-address:port. E.g., Here, the devices will be displayed as a list. 

The system will detect your device (phone, computer, tablet) independently and adapt the interface accordingly to it

Fig.2 Mobile Interface


 Mobile Interface includes Main Menu and Device shortcuts. From Mobile Interface you can operate the system in the following way: turn on/off devices, run scenarios, use the built-in Info widget, see the video surveillance broadcasted images and view system journal entries.

The content of Primary and User Interface may be customized individually and can differ, if necessary.

Main Menu
Main Menu is intended for navigation through Mobile Interface. User can access controls for all devices within Smart House system from his/her mobile phone. You can decide, which buttons will be displayed in Main Menu and their sequence, and make changes accordingly in Project Manager mode.

Device shortcuts
With device shortcuts you can run previously created scenarios. In Project Manager mode, Device shortcuts section, you can adjust the list of shortcuts.

 Project Manager Mode

Project Manager mode is intended for a.System configuration.

In Project Manager you can connect new devices and determine their operation logic, create behavior scenarios for new devices, manage widgets, collect and analyse statistical data, configure the a.System interface, etc.

Fig.3. Project Manager Mode

Key elements of Project Manager interface:

  1. main tab bar: to invoke context menu;
  2. context menu bar: comprises a group of system settings;
  3. Project Manager mode exit key (to return to main user interface);
  4. functional keys: to make settings.
You can see that Project Manager mode provides practically all settings for Arloid Automation system. No knowledge of programming languages is needed; but you might need some sysadmin skills to adjust network data, expand the system or create some advanced scenarios. Remember that you should never hesitate to contact our professional team to get their support. For detailed guidelines for Project Manager mode operation, please view Customization Guide.