January 17, 2016

Humankind to pave the way to NZEB.


One of the major factors that result in a broader adaptation of BAS (Building Automatoin System) is that both significance and number of embedded solutions towards NZEB (near zero energy building) or "green building“ are constantly growing. It signifies that BAS will be more actively included into the budget of newly constructed buildings during the actual construction phase.
The urgency and speed of this project promotion is of greater importance for the major BAS market participants - the USA and European states in the first place - since they are striving for a clear-cut goal of energy consumption reduction.
There have been pursued not only purely utilitarian goals like cost savings but also global ones - the use of the Earth resources is going at a fast pace, the best minds of humanity have been thinking for a long time what we are leaving for posterity.
Apart from it, the reduction of hydrocarbon being burnt results in lessening global greenhouse effect (due to the CO2 emission decrease). It aims to enable the inhabitants of the Earth to significantly reduce the problem of sharp climate change taking shape in recent years.
All these issues were widely discussed during the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference held in Paris, France (Le Bourget, from 29 November to 11 December 2015). The presence of the Heads of States of the Group of Twenty (G20) at this event strengthens its importance.
You can ask what each of us does to find a solution to this problem. The answer is simple. It is a.System energy efficiency function among others that is in great demand.
Our system suggests a lot of ways of energy saving. It turns off the light in the kitchen or bathroom, if you have failed to do it, cuts off power from all your electric appliances at your command by mobile phone if you leaving home for work have failed to unplug your iron or heater, or when you are away, the system converts the house into a low power mode.
However, we are striving for further improvement. In a couple of months among upgraded features of our system you can spot an easy chart making of energy management, comparison of the energy consumed and its cost at various tariffs, ready-made scenarios ranging from flexible ones when the system gives advice when it is more advantageous to switch on your washing machine or dishwasher to scenarios of various grades of inflexibility when you are unable to switch on powerful electric appliances for you have reached ceiling of the daily power consumption set by you.
If an advanced user will be not satisfied with the ready-made scenarios for the system created by Arloid Automation engineers, we’ll invite him to cooperation. Soon, our system will have a unique feature of creating interactive scenarios for your Smart House functioning according to our algorithms.