HouseManager mode

HouseManager is a constructor / configurator mode for Arloid Automation system intended to configure the overall smart home system, change the system structure, program the logic of behavior of devices, group devices and create scenarios.

Arloid Automation is optimally adapted for a wide user community, but some settings in HouseManager configurator mode might require special knowledge. The tips provided in Customization Guide describe in detail every possible setting or adjustment as they appear in the interface. All the instructions should be followed in HouseManager mode which is accessible from the main window by pressing the settings key first and then selecting HouseManager mode. To focus your attention on particular menu keys and functions as we explain the system setup process, we use contrast frames numbered according to the sequence of steps, and brief description of each step. 
The structure of Arloid Automation software package is protected from irretrievable deletion of critical files. Any action can be undone at any time, and the earlier saved settings can be recovered. When necessary, our team can help you customize your system, particularly in a remote way. 

The main window of configurator mode is structured as follows:

  1. Main tabs in HouseManager: System, Scenarios, Channels, Plan, Themes, Info, Settings, Debugger. Selection of a tab will invoke a context menu;
  2. Context menu with groups of settings;
  3. Key to exit constructor mode (to return to Primary User Interface);
  4. Functional control keys: Add, Delete, Edit, Save, Undo, Arrows to move items up/down the list, etc.