December 01, 2014

Home Automation Technology in Dubai for better responsive homes

Home automation technology in dubai for better responsive homes

Home automation technologies in Dubai not only complement the life style of people but also contribute to the Green Building initiative and encourage users/ home owners to promote this new concept of sustainable practices that includes energy efficiency, enhanced security, responsiveness and many automated controls. There is a variety of home automation technology providers but we should be very careful while selecting a proper home automation system and should only go for the best suitable solution with optimal controls. Some of the important aspects related to better home automation technology are as under:

1. Lighting Controls

Lighting controls are not a new thing in home automation technology. Although a variety of options and extended controls remained a part of it. Today we can do whatever we want with the lights from any part of the world including on, off, dimming, brightness as per requirements, automatic brightness sensors and what not. In combination with home automation technology lighting controls are really efficient and can automatically identify when and where light is required.

2. Current Status (necessary updates)

A good home automation system based on latest home automation technology must have the ability to provide with all the current updates, e.g.:

- How many lights are on and in which areas of your property

- How many exhausts are working and in which zone of your property

- What are the climate conditions inside your property (temperate, humidity, etc.)

- Updates from security systems, multimedia systems, swimming pool, etc.

3. Climate Controls

Climate controls are also very old as far as home automation technology is concerned but the issue is how efficiently your system is managing these controls. It is not only about turning on and off the cooling or heating systems, it is all about managing resources as efficiently as possible, i.e. turning on the cooling system or heating system only when required.

4. Security Systems

Security systems are more efficient especially when they are integrated and accessible from any remote location so that you can see on the runtime what happening at your property. So try to select a system which can be integrated with you home automation technology.

5. Multimedia Controls

Multimedia controls are not very important but still almost all the home automation systems based on latest home automation technology have this feature. Multimedia controls allow you to control all of your multimedia devices without leaving your place and also allow you to set different conditions for different zones inside and outside your property.

6. Swimming Pool Controls

Swimming pool controls are also a value added feature for today's home automation technology. If you have a swimming pool at your property go for the home automation system that will give you a tool to control your swimming pool and allow you to change water, set water temperature and provide you with live updates when required.

7. Irrigation System Controls

Especially in Dubai, irrigation systems are of utmost importance. Your irrigation system can only be useful if it can judge when the plants need watering. Try to go for an irrigation system which on the runtime can judge dryness, wetness and provide you scheduling support. This is not very common but latest home automation technology has made it possible and some good home automation systems have this feature now.

8. Integrations of all the devices

Home automation systems can be more efficient especially when all the devices are integrated and based on certain conditions they can operate different devices simultaneously.


People who really appreciate home automation should choose the latest home automation technology based solutions so that they can get maximum benefits out of their automation system.

About Arloid Automation

Arloid Automation (smart house and building management system) is highly scalable and is designed in such a way that it can simultaneously work with various connectable devices having different protocols. No additional software installation is required. Users can enjoy cross platform controls from any computer, laptop, smartphone, tablet etc. based on any type of operation system (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, iOS, Android).

Arloid Automation specialized in:

  • Home automation systems
  • Energy management systems
  • Eco friendly homes
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  • Office automation
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