Automate it!

lighting control


Arloid Automation gives unlimited opportunities for lighting automation. You can control lights remotely with just one touch. You can also create unique scenarios for every occasion. Lights can be operated when needed.

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climate control


Lets your climate systems create weather condition you desire. There is no need to search for a remote control or batteries because Smart Home will take care about the climate.

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safety engeneering systems 

Safety Engeneering

With sensors integrated in your Smart Home system you will be informed of their status any time and no matter where you are. And even the system is smart enough to react and keep you in safe. Incident and emergency risk will be minimized.

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automated curtains, blinds, rolling shutters

Curtain Control

Automated curtains, blinds or shutters will contribute to more efficient use of daylight and better comfort.                              

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security system, alarm, cctv


Arloid Automation is a single security management system. It will control integrity of building services and keep your home safe from unwanted visitors.

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leak, leakage, spill 


Arloid Automation will automatically detect any water leakage, immediately shut off water supply and notify you, wherever you are.         

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multiroom, audio control


Arloid Automation will integrate a home cinema, Hi-Fi and similar equipment to create a single system to be remotely and automatically controlled. You can create unique scenarios for your multimedia system.

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energy safety, efficiency

Energy Efficiency

Arloid Automation system embedded plenty of energy saving algorithms and features, and has extensive opportunities for automated scheduling of electrical appliances and help reduce home maintenance costs by 15% to 40%.

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remote sockets, outlets 


Let Arloid Automation system energize/de-energize sockets for you to enjoy your relaxation moments without worries if your kids turn off appliances.   

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gate and door control

Access Control

Automated control of all locks, fence gate, gates and doors from your tablet/smart phone and real-time CCTV. No more need for clumsy battery-powered remote controls.

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