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intraHouse system is capable of sending emails to the user about system events only if a.Server has Internet access.
In HouseManager mode go to System tab. In Email section create a list of users with email recipients who will be notified by the system according to certain event scenarios. Use the functional button “+” (Add) at the bottom of the screen and fill in the boxes in the popup window:
a) enter user’s name and address;
b) bind it to one of the existing groups (e.g., Owner);
c) enter a message text in a relevant field;
d) please select a group from the list to bind the address to it (this will allow the system to filter addresses when executing scenarios and notify relevant users of the events);
e) by a click on the key tick the “Permitted” box to select the address for Email notification and tick “Set date and signature” so that the SMS will also contain a signature and message date.
Please make sure the email address is full: e.g.,
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Fig.1. Setting up Email addresses for email notifications


Setting up email

In this field, specify the email address intraHouse system will use to send a notification message to the authorized email addresses. For this purpose, we recommend you creating a new account with a reliable post service.
The system has default settings for most widely used mail services:
control 4

Fig. 2. Setting Email notification service


If the mail service is already in the list, you only need to indicate your login and password.
If you use a different Post service, select “Other”. In this case please manually specify HOST and PORT parameters in the relevant fields. You can find those parameters at a website of the mail service, in “About”, “Help” or “FAQ” sections.
The data specified in Sender field will help the users filter letters in the mail service. According to the common practice of letter generation, the field “From:” contains not only the sender’s address like, but also sender’s first and last name. So the address will look like <John Smith and the recipient will only see John Smith. With this setting, you can specify system’s “First and Last name” which is intraHouse by default.
Now the service can be considered set up. To check the Email service operation, send a test message in Email addresses tab: to do so, select one of the emails from the list, click on Test e-mail button, and a test email will be sent to the selected address from the address specified in “Setting”. 
If necessary, enable Logging all emails sent and/or email sending out failures.
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Fig. 3. Logging entries in Journal