Creation of house plans

// Attachments / Creation of house plans
Plan is a rastre image assigned to Level (floor). To create a plan, we recommend using free of charge software for interior design:
  1. Sweet Home 3D (Java is required). Highly flexible and functional tool for 3D and 2D interior design. The demo plan supplied with Arloid Automation system was created using this software.
  2. AUTODESK Homestyler (it requires Flash Player and runs via a Web browser). Online interior design software from a globally known supplier of industrial CAD systems.
  3. RoomSketcher (it requires Flash Player and runs via a Web browser). That's an alternative online tool to design interiors.

A layout can be created using other specialized interior design software or obtained from the house/apartment designer. 

Recommendations for layout format


*.png (preferrable)
Min. Size: 600 x 600 dpi
Max. Size: 1400 x 1400 dpi
The size of a device icon will depend on the size of the uploaded layout image. Very heavy files will negatively affect the convenience (on a very big layout devices will look tiny). If you need to have a really large layout, we recommend dividing it into separate parts and arranging them at separate levels. 
If you are using a big plan and all device icons look very small you can zoom in the layout with a mouse scroll (or zoom in the image by a two-finger gesture).