Personal Residence Smart Home Project

Arloid Automation not only about turning on or off some of the lights from your smart phone it is all about luxury, comfort, ease of access, energy efficiency, security and peace of mind.

About the project

Name: House at West Village
Location: Cheboksary, Russia

Take Your Project

automated ventilation, lightening, alarm systemClimate control is also available and the system is efficient enough to judge when and where in the Villa AC is required and what are the optimal operating conditions etc. Curtains are also controlled by the system and system can manage it automatically for the best utilization of day light or even if the owner wants to use them with a theater mode, he just want to tell the system which mode do he want and the system can automatically switch to this mode and control all the equipment accordingly. Security system controlled by the Arloid Automation is also really efficient and can understand when owner’s car is coming towards the gate so that it can automatically open the gate for Villa owner.

On the other hand the system is capable to call you and police at the same time in case of any security breach. Swimming pool controls are one of its kinds which can help in refilling pool and keeping the water temperate as per villa owner requirements. Not to ignore sauna controls this can also be operated by a smart phone to save time. In combination with weather station, irrigation system for the front lawn or backyard is another luxury and the Arloid Automation system is highly efficient to judge when under which conditions watering is required or when there is no need for watering. For example if there is rain system will understand that there is no need for watering thus will save energy and water consumption.

Gas and water leakage sensors are also there which keep an eye 24/7 on the villa system will not only identify such problems but can automatically close the main valves in case of any water of gas leakage. Automatic fire fighting system is also highly efficient which can start fighting with the fire automatically and at the same time inform nearest fire fighting department to get control on situation in minimum possible time. System also has multimedia controls and villa owner can watch movies or videos on demand in theater mode etc.
Most importantly system can also be controlled using SMS service if your internet is down for some reasons.

Arloid Automation Options:

  • Energy Saving
  • Light Control
  • Climate Control
  • Curtain Control
  • Security System
  • Gates Control
  • Multiroom
  • Swimming Pool Control
  • Sauna Control
  • Garden Watering System
  • Weather Station
  • Water Leakage Sensors
  • Gas Leakage Sensors
  • Fire Sensors
  • ArloidActiveScreen
  • SMS Control and Notification
  • Multimedia