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Arloid Automation System priority is given to unprecedented service quality, safety, saving of human resources. Besides, automation contributes to capitalization growth of the property. All Arloid Automation corporate clients automatically become members of the Advance Business Club Arloid Automation. This membership brings many privileges – technical support and service 24/7, priority shipments of system parts in case of breakage, a personal manager assigned to each customer on a constant basis, etc.


Purpose:  first of all saving and then comfort
Approach: maximum unification and cross-platform
Installation: automation projects of private houses and apartments prepares the developer and manufacturer of systems, installation takes ordinary, but qualified installers, strictly according to the scheme.

Monitoring and security system

In security and monitoring includes the following subsystems:

  1. CCTV
  2. access control to premises
  3. IP-monitoring facility
  4. Fire alarm system (including monitoring of gas leaks)
  5. Telemetry - remote tracking systems
  6. GSM-monitoring - remote reporting incidents in the house (apartment, office, facility) and management systems at home via telephone. In some systems it is possible to receive voice instructions on the planned control actions, as well as voice reports on the results of the action

The power supply system of the building

Power system to provide power, including by automatically switching to alternative sources of supply.

Some subsystems:

  1. Automatic transfer switch
  2. Industrial UPS
  3. Diesel generators

Lighting system

The lighting system (Lighting control systems, LCS) controls the level of light in the room, including energy savings through rational use of natural light.

Some subsystems:

  1. Automatic on / off light at a specific time of the day
  2. Motion sensors to turn on the lights only when the room is someone
  3. Automatic open / close the shutters, blinds, to adjust the transparency of special glass panes.

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning, HVAC) provides the regulation of temperature, humidity and fresh air. In addition, HVAC energy savings through rational use of ambient temperature.

Some subsystems:

  • managed through a network of air conditioning.
  • mechanisms for automatic opening / closing of windows for entry of cold or warm air at the right time of day.

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