a.System is Arloid Automation's proprietary product which is capable of integrating equipment from the majority of world leading manufacturers. a.System can coordinate hundreds of simultaneously operating actuators, controllers and gateways to make them easy to control and to enhance the overall safety and security level.

Our company manufactures and distributes Arloid Automation System (a.System) based on a.Server and provides engineering services in terms of system design and installation for automation of commercial and industrial buildings and Smart Home systems.




  • Project expenses will be optimized thanks to integration of equipment from different manufacturers.
  • Improved compatibility of equipment will ensure possibility for system expansion, performance and reliability remaining unchanged.
  • Application of the best practices developed by many manufacturers in one automated system will make the system more comprehensive and one of a kind.

Smart Home Structure

Arloid Automation system has a unique module structure that ensures reliable control through multiple levels and capability of unlimited expansion at any moment.