Three steps to automate your property


Tell us about yourself by filling the form below. Or you can request a callback. We will find your closest dealer and invite you to the intraHouse Showroom. Alternatively we can come at your place. In our meeting we will together decide on the individual concept of the system you need, according to your wishes, budget and location.


In several days (exact timing depends on the system complexity) we will make preliminary calculations and provide you with a preliminary estimate cost.


After you have made your decision we can proceed to the final stage – Contract for design and installation of the Automation System intraHouse in your property.

This is it. Usually, the first 3 steps take from 2 up to 3 weeks, depending on the size of the object, number of options, etc. Full project implementation time depends also on its structure and complexity. Generally, if the property is under construction, Smart House system installation is completed shortly before the interior decoration is finished. If the system is being installed in an already finished property using wireless technology, the proces takes just a few weeks.