Production Facility Building Automation Project

About the project

Name: DISCOM Group Plant
Location: Cheboksary, Russia

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Arloid Automation is being honored to provided automation services to Discom Group Production Facility with these options; lighting, Climate Control, Curtain Control, Security System, Weather Station, Water Leakage Sensors, Fire Sensors, ArloidActiveScreen, SMS Control and Notification, Multimedia.

Apart from all the intelligent controls Discom Group management is much happy with the ArloidActiveScreen installed by Arloid Automation. They can easily operate, control and configure Arloid Automation smart management system using this ArloidActiveScreen but are also using this for interactive presentations during the important business meetings.

Arloid Automation technical team built every system design from the scratch so it is very easy to integrate more devices and expand the system during the long run without disturbing any prior controls. This is one of the reasons that Discom Group was able to operate more devices using the same system couple of months ago.

Arloid Automation Options

  • Light Control
  • Climate Control
  • Curtain Control
  • Security System
  • Weather Station
  • Water Leakage Sensors
  • Fire Sensors
  • ArloidActiveScreen
  • SMS Control and Notification
  • Multimedia