Where it Works

Smart Home Systems are gaining a new meaning. They are now capable of handling security and energy conservation tasks and being successfully applied in private property, hotels, shopping malls, office centers and production sites.

smart home for villas


Once you have entrusted Smart Home system with control of your house, you can have no worries about any household appliances or water that you might have left running, and enjoy management of all systems from your tablet or smart phone.                        

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smart home for apartment


Smart Home will be equally powerful for apartments: they will bring maximum comfort, safety and security and help implement the leisure entertainment ideas.

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office center automation system 

Office Center

Integration of climate, lighting and security systems with Arloid Automation can improve the personnel work ability and reduce office maintenance costs.

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smart hotels


With smart home system applied in a hotel, guest services will be brought to a totally new level and overall security will be increased. The intelligence of Arloid automation system will let hotel guests feel as they are in their own apartment; it will adapt the systems and appliances to fit with guests desires.

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 remote control shopping mall

Shopping Mall

Get a powerful tool to manage and control the building services in all your shopping areas and service zones, enjoy access to real-time analytical data and ideal automation of processes.

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professional bulding automation 

Building Automation

Building automation will balance operation of all building services, contribute to reduction of maintenance costs and significantly increase the level of property integrity and personnel safety.

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