April 11, 2015


Shalunov final radical

Sergey Shalunov, a Russian Series driver, achieved Middle East Cup final heading the standings, but with a very difference from other three favourites. The Supersports entry list counted 23 race drivers. http://raf-rcrs.ru/pilot/82/?pilot_results=race

The final started with a minor collision during warmup, which did not prevent Sergey from qualifying fourth. In the first race, Sergey was hot on the leader's tail before driving into the first curve but the car drifted which resulted in the rear wing damage. He took his time at pitsopt and finished 6th. His performance in the second race was impeccable, so he won the race. The score Sergey got in the finals was not enough to win the Radical Middle East Cup but contributed to his getting vice champion title in individual event and made him a team champion. 



In his interview Sergey Shalunov, a Russian circuit racing series driver, Chairman of the Chuvash Automotive Federation Board which organizes  ice racing, autocross and rally Russia Cup in Chuvashia, says: 

"The suspense remained until the Season Awards Ceremony held yesterday night at Yas Rotana Hotel. The very fast British Ollie Smith deservely won the Radical Middle East Cup 2014/15. I have P2. Our Team Arloid intraHouse won the Cup in the team competition!!! Organizers also gave me the Driver of the 2014/15 Season Award. These results are "forged" by a big team: Vinny Reeves, Bulat Fatkhullin, Craig Thompson, the guys from AUH Motorsports led by Carl Rolaston. Also Kathyleen Yamas, Lorna Matias,Tanya Shemyakina, Emira Mahmutović and, of course, my wife Katsiaryna Haurylik. I appreciate it so much! I am also grateful to all drivers who came from different countries and participated in the Cup! Despite a tough fight, we had a very friendly atmosphere! And many thanks to all my friends who came to the track to support us - you were the most active fans!"