Arloid Automation Z-Wave

Z-Wave is a wireless communications specification designed to allow devices in the home (lighting, access controls, entertainment systems and household appliances, for example) to communicate with one another for the purposes of home automation.
Z-Wave is a wireless technology that makes regular household products "smart". Z-Wave products "talk" to each other wirelessly and securely and can be easily accessed and controlled on a.System using Arloid Automation Z-Wave Kit.

Main devices of the Arloid Automation Z-Wave kits:

  1. a.Server
  2. Z-Wave VeraLite controller by Vera Control, Ltd.

Z-Wave is supported by over 325 manufacturers worldwide and appears in a broad range of commercial products in the US, Europe and Asia.
Currently there are nearly 1000 different Z-Wave products that all work together so you can choose the products that are right for your home.

Connection example: